A web site to promote a brand, to increase sales or to emphasize the identity of a non-profit organization is an important part of a marketing strategy. Like all marketing tools used we count value for money. You buy a template based web site and insert text and images or you decide for a tailored approach: a web site uniquely developed to emphasize the corporate identity showing high-quality digital imaging. Whatever you decide, there are some main principles:
  • Make a definition of the destination markets, the target audiences and the products/identity to sell.
  • Develop search strings and keywords that a target audience would use in search engines.
  • Create web site content that delivers the web crawlers the keywords wanted.
  • Design the web site content rich, three clicks deep and measured on slow data lines within 10 seconds standing.
  • Approach the audience in their mother tongue.
  • Start marketing the web site in the big search engines and the most-wanted local search engines, if necessary in a local domain.
  • Develop a string of content, which is the key to high ranking, and combine content publishing with search engine optimization.
  • Implement interactivity by reciprocal and banner linking with third party web sites.
  • Generate fresh content and additionally hard copy news by using the editorial and free publicity channels with relevant online and offline partners.
  • Guard this process with optimal visitor statistics.
  • Be kind to your visitors and award them for their loyalty (shop, give-aways etc).
  • Act natural and realistic: sell what you have and don't sell dreams.
To understand web publishing and search engine optimization we made a Web Bible in which you can read the essence of web publishing. This Bible can be downloaded for free in a PDF format from here.