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Client: Saldanha Bay Municipality
Wanted:Website with municipal regulations.
Delivered: Design, programming assistance and content management systems.
Client: Vaalmac, Saldanha (SA), engineering.
Wanted: corporate web site and general PR (calendar)
Delivered: image building web site with Flash banner, photography, digital imaging, copy writing.

Client: Speedsailing Saldanha

Wanted: Event Website, wold record speed windsurfing in Walvis Bay, Namibia.

Delivered: Website with blog.
Client: Hansing CC, Saldanha, high-tech engineering company.
Wanted: online quality branding.
Delivered: first class photography in poster format for trade fairs, image building web site with photography, digital imaging and copy writing
Client: Author
Wanted: Eyecatching online publication channel.
Delivered: Design, compressed audio and video, downloadable pdf's and blog.
the boogeyman
Client: Blouwaterbaai Resort, Saldanha (SA), waterfront resort.
Wanted: update existing web site keeping the original look and feel with form mail.
Delivered: client friendly web site with form mail and copy writing.
Client: WestCoast Business Development Centre, Saldanha (SA), business development Wanted: Online presentation of activities (with newsletters and annual reports).
: Client friendly web site with newsletters, photography, digital imaging, copy writing, (development) logo and site maintenance.
Client: Fossil Park, Iziko Museum
Wanted: Targetting audience, awerness building prehistoric life and publishing scientific research.
Delivered: Design, photography, content management, image galleries and animations.
Fossil Park Website
Client: Global Feature Int. Ltd, Gibraltar (UK), expeditions and adventure.
Wanted: html content web site.
Delivered: web site with database, video and image gallery, house style, logo, search engine optimization, e-marketing, content production and copy writing.
Client: Ivor Lee & Associates, Saldanha (SA), Labor broker.
Wanted: Online registration of clients and temporarily personnel.
Delivered: modern look and feel (web site), house style, logo and copy writing.
Client: Wildlife Property
Wanted: Sales vhicle for estates fringing the Kruger Park.
Delivered: Design, photography, programming, image galleries, back office system, interactive geograghic maps in Flash and post cards.
Client: Trevelyn Lodge
Wanted: Online marketing for a home for disabled persons.
Delivered: Design, photography and image gallery.
Fossil Park Website
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Web Bible
To understand web publishing and search engine optimization we made a Web Bible in which you can read the essence of web publishing. This Bible can be downloaded for free in a PDF format from here (200kB). The topics we discuss are the following:
Intro web bible
  1. The Web
  2. Twelve Common Web Design Mistakes
  3. Download Time of a Web Site
  4. Effective Web Site Navigation Structure
  5. Define The Design of Your Web Site
  6. Ten Hints for Better Web Sites
  7. Analyze Web Site Traffic
  8. Web Site Marketing Strategies
  9. Content: The Key To Increased Web Site Traffic
  10. What Is Content?
  11. Essential Steps to Web Site Promotion
  12. Increase Search Engine Rankings
  13. Meta Tags for Search Engine Optimization
  14. Keywords to Optimize Your Site for Search Engines
  15. Market Your Web Site on a Shoe String Budget
  16. Get Your Site Listed in the Search Engines
  17. Quick Tips

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