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Succes Story

For the company Global Feature International, UK, EyeOn developed and designed a content web site including photo galleries, weblog, video on the web in different formats, imaging, design, content production, SEO marketing etc. Our primary goals are high ranking for defined search strings that would reflect the core business of the web site. In addition the web site had to satisfy the search engines and to reach for the public. Once fulfilled this mission, the web site might be turned into an online shop without losing its grip on the market/audience.

The strategic keywords and/or search strings we developed within a think-tank and with help of E-surveys that reflect the core business of the site are:
  • el paititi
  • expedition el paititi
  • sailors corner
  • expedition sahara
  • Sahara expedition
The results are the following (date February 2006):

Search String Google Yahoo MSN
El Paititi 7,8 out of 14.800 1,2 out of 3.820 3,4 out of 3.672
Expedition El Paititi 1 out of 227 1,2 ut of 235 1,2 out of 524
Sailors Corner 4,5 out of 1.630.000 2,4 out of 1.760.000 1,2 out of 323.414
Expedition Sahara 7 out of 693.000 1 out of 641.000 9,8 out of 347.834
Sahara Expedition 24 out of 676.000 9 out of 658.000 7,18 out of 350.550

The conclusion is that EyeOn delivered the web site for three totally different subjects in the top of the three important search engines covering 90 percent of the search engine market. The secret is content combined with a stringent SEO strategy. For that reason excellent copy writing is of the utmost importance.

Note: there has been paid not one Eurocent for pay per click strategies and banner advertising.
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Web Bible
To understand web publishing and search engine optimization we made a Web Bible in which you can read the essence of web publishing. This Bible can be downloaded for free in a PDF format from here (200kB). The topics we discuss are the following:
Intro web bible
  1. The Web
  2. Twelve Common Web Design Mistakes
  3. Download Time of a Web Site
  4. Effective Web Site Navigation Structure
  5. Define The Design of Your Web Site
  6. Ten Hints for Better Web Sites
  7. Analyze Web Site Traffic
  8. Web Site Marketing Strategies
  9. Content: The Key To Increased Web Site Traffic
  10. What Is Content?
  11. Essential Steps to Web Site Promotion
  12. Increase Search Engine Rankings
  13. Meta Tags for Search Engine Optimization
  14. Keywords to Optimize Your Site for Search Engines
  15. Market Your Web Site on a Shoe String Budget
  16. Get Your Site Listed in the Search Engines
  17. Quick Tips

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