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High ranking in the results of a search, is a magic word on the internet! High ranking leads to more traffic. Traffic is the number of visitors to your web site. You can have the best looking web site in the world, offering the most incredible products, but the web site will not be of much use when there is no traffic. By a technique called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) we improve the ranking of a web site once a relevant search is undertaken. Here are some of EyeOn's proven ways to increase traffic:
  • Search Engines and HTML
    Search engines are the second most used internet application after e-mail. They are constantly looking for more ingenious ways to deliver value to their visitors, a process that requires expertise and commitment. We harness the power of search engines to ensure that web surfers have the option of coming to your web site! We develop your web site search engine friendly by using proper HTML without broken links, we try to avoid in-frames and Flash-pages, optimize almost scientifically the meta tags and submit your web site professionally.
  • Keywords and linking
    Search engine spiders are sent to fetch the keywords embedded in your site, so we create content pages that are populated with the right keywords. Also we develop within the content a reciprocal linking strategy. The optimization process is both a technical and a content exercise. We think it is vital to understand these two aspects and - in addition - to be fully informed of the search engine developments of leading companies like Google that turned ranking into a science.
  • Quality content
    Content, the structure of the web site and copy and page lay-out (!) are keys to high rankings. We provide good, informative content so that your visitors will return. We publish articles or special reports, where keywords are strategically positioned in the body of the content at a density level of at least 2 percent. Also we refresh the content regularly and lay-out the pages in a certain way that stimulates high rankings!
  • Online communities
    We know how to get the word out by using forums, mailing lists, discussion boards etc. The key is to provide answers to questions and to build a reputation within a certain field of expertise. Forums allow to have a signature that links to your web site.
  • Return
    We encourage returning visitors and build mailing lists to keep in touch with them. Alternatively we incorporate a forum to provide for a venue and a discussion platform for your visitors.
  • E-surveys
    We publish e-surveys to identify target groups. We analyze the feed back, write the reports and track the visitor of the URL by country, web browser, data downloaded, page views, time spend, sequence visit etc.
  • E-Newsletters
    We analyze the interest of defined target groups by sending e-newsletters with a feed back mechanism.
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Web Bible
To understand web publishing and search engine optimization we made a Web Bible in which you can read the essence of web publishing. This Bible can be downloaded for free in a PDF format from here (200kB). The topics we discuss are the following:
Intro web bible
  1. The Web
  2. Twelve Common Web Design Mistakes
  3. Download Time of a Web Site
  4. Effective Web Site Navigation Structure
  5. Define The Design of Your Web Site
  6. Ten Hints for Better Web Sites
  7. Analyze Web Site Traffic
  8. Web Site Marketing Strategies
  9. Content: The Key To Increased Web Site Traffic
  10. What Is Content?
  11. Essential Steps to Web Site Promotion
  12. Increase Search Engine Rankings
  13. Meta Tags for Search Engine Optimization
  14. Keywords to Optimize Your Site for Search Engines
  15. Market Your Web Site on a Shoe String Budget
  16. Get Your Site Listed in the Search Engines
  17. Quick Tips

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