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Investor Relations

We implement the communication between a company and the financial community among which the shareholders, stockbrokers, analysts and the financial media.

This is especially important for main board companies listed on the JSE. Their requirements to publish results in the press will be followed till the extreme, including annual results to be published in financial advertisements, incorporating all information in the SENS announcement like two official SA languages in national papers to be published the day following the announcement and publication of the SENS announcement and the press release on the company website.

The entire operation from conceptual and creative design to a timeline based storyboard, including training, rehearsing, and swotting the best and worse case scenarios will be organized by our company, if needed assisted by expert consultants pending the activities and markets of your company.

The services we offer:

  • Evaluate the presentation to the AltX listings committee, including dry runs with Q & A sessions. Train the spokespersons by using video footage and comment in a panel afterwards.
  • Draft key themes of the listing and press releases, arranging print, radio and television interviews and compiling a media programme based upon pre-script scenarios with invited relevant media.
  • Compile an invitation list of press, shareholders, stakeholders and organizations based upon a certain set of criteria and assessments, compile press and stakeholder packages, arrange all associated dinners, banquets and VIP presentations, collate all media exposure, draft advertisements and arrange 24/7 online features throughout this period of time that includes newsletters, downloads of documents and Q and A columns.
  • Organize site visits for media and open-days to be attended by the public. This includes transport, dinner arrangements, training of company spokespersons, video presentations of the company and its operations, associated activities for youth, disabled and women involved in the participation process.
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Investor Relations
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