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Match Making

We match since 1975 companies and technologies with the industrial development that takes place within Europe and Africa.

As a match maker and business broker we link private and institutional investors to (emerging) business developments. Also we create business interfaces in order to develop downstream business opportunities that capitalize upon upstream production processes, products and technologies.

For existing companies that wish to explore their business opportunities in emerging markets we develop conceptual ideas into pre feasibility studies and after profound decision taking into a bankable report. We service the entire supply chain from concept to a full fledged profitable business case.

During the development stage we use dedicated building blocks varying from local, national and international participation processes to media coverage in print, radio, television and news wires. We handle public and private road shows and built your brand using the extensive product range of our digital imaging studio specialized in online marketing, collateral and video and photography productions.

A track record with listed activities will be sent upon request.

Project Management

With respect to project management we define the needs of our clients, tailor and develop the scope of the project, manage and monitor the project and identify and anticipate upon risks/changes that occur during the project process. Concurrently we manage the costs. Once closing out the project we evaluate the customerís satisfaction.

We consider a successful project one that sticks to a plan and one that identifies elements that might cause it to fail. We create a timeline that identifies the process steps and keynote decision taking and we develop escape routes based upon problems that might arise during the phasing out of the project.

We understand how a project is managed and the project life-cycle, who is involved and we know how to focus on a scope and how to analyze the problems that will have an impact on scope, schedule and cost. And once focusing on the time and cost we donít forget the quality. When the pressure builds up, the quality is usually the first to go. However when the project is finally handed over, the customer will determine his satisfaction based upon first quality, second cost and third the time involved.

Within our projects we empower and build capacity within the team and consequently acknowledge their personal efforts. When a change is requested we consult the team, than alter the plan according a mutual decision taking. Also we solve problems with the team fully involved, keeping communication channels alive.

Whatever business development you want
We are your one stop shop. We align business solutions, knowledge management and improve the team effectiveness which includes transformational coaching.

We deliver based upon parameters set like results (annual or interim), the investor pool (number of investors and geographic location) and dedicated performance indicators.

A track record with listed activities will be sent upon request.

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match making
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