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Public Relations

All public and corporate relation services should fit into the brand building strategy of the company and should not be developed ad an ad-hoc basis. Business development is connected to many aspects and media exposure and public participation processes are just two important building blocks that should fit in the greater model of building a brand and building brand awareness.

To implement a media strategy and to build a relation with the public it is imperative that one understand the business into each and every aspect and as a condition sine qua none the art of communicating a message. Without these parameters in place a long lasting relation with media and the public cannot be build.

Our long lasting experience in implementing communication processes into the public domain and the corporate arena, will guarantee that your message will be received positively by its target audience. A part of our strategy is to carve the building blocks up front and to set key points all along the way with the desired outcome. Once building communication scenarios we use all existing new media technologies to convey the message and to underline the brand identity and the core of the business.

In addition we train the corporate environment in communication techniques and public speaking, so that they can manage an event, whether this will be a public participation process or a press conference.

The services we offer:

  • Building media, public, product and customer relations based upon well developed story boards with associated tag lines and brand awareness.
  • Developing and managing a press office with content tracking, including the provisioning of press kits, collateral, video and photographic productions, power point presentations and pdf documents
  • Training of corporate spokespersons in public speaking, including speech writing and white papers
  • Corporate reputation management, effective leadership, vertical employee communication processes including employee proud ness and satisfaction, environmental discussion platforms liaising with environmental groups and associated stakeholders
  • Crisis communications build upon the sweet spot of the company that includes its corporate identity and awareness and emphasizing trust building and credibility.
  • Event management like seminars, conferences, road shows, exhibitions, social functions, VIP dinners, press meetings etc. We handle the projects from a conceptual design and the creative concepts to a full fledged event, including collateral, giveaways, sponsorship marketing and a communication protocol
  • Training, storyline generated: media, crisis communication, public participation, public speaking, team bonding
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