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house style

EyeOn builds corporate identities that among others will be reflected in a house style i.e. logo's and letterheads with adjacent color-profiles. A successful house style will be implemented into business cards, brochures, portfolio, leaflets, annual reports etc.

Why is a house style that important?
  1. The quality of the corporate identity once reflected in all collateral (printed matters) and all online marketing strategies emphasizes the quality of your offering and products and your business attitude. A sloppy presentation mostly doesn't result in huge turnovers. The fist handshake, the first contact with a future prospect has to be smashing well.

  2. A house style needs to be appreciated within your line of business and has to reflect the latest design and business trends. The colors have to match, the design must be original.

  3. The house style must reflect your branding strategy and the values of the brand. Most of these values are described in a tagline like refreshing, innovative, inspiring, technology driven, customer and service friendly, 24/7-attitude etc. You will understand that the brand value of a self-catering tourism business will differ from that of a high tech engineering firm. Once defined the core values of the brand which we are trained to do, we design the appropriate house style.
EyeOn considers designing as an art and consequently we offer outstanding skills. Our in-house designer is a professional skilled artist, formed at art academies in the Netherlands and in one of the most outstanding academies in the world: Sint Petersburg, Russia.

We design in our West Coast studio on state-of-the-art Mac computers with latest professional Adobe, Mac and MacroMedia software. The studio is temperature controlled, the ambient light is color temperature controlled and the computer screens are color-calibrated. We guarantee that our color profiles match with the high standards of the printing industry with whom we have a sound business relation.

Last but not least: designing a house style is affordable. We work either from sketches or from scratch, which we mostly prefer.

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