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Web Technologies
The toolbox of EyeOn's professional web designer is almost unlimited. The more you choose, the more expensive a web site will become. Basically you will be quite happy with an original design, professional html and lay-out, original text including copy writing and professional photography and digital imaging. These basic tools are quite affordable and will suit your budget.

The extra’s we talk about are the following:
Panorama photography with hot-spots.
The beauty of this technique is that you show clients inside out the making of a product, the lay-out of a factory or - quite interesting for property agents - the inside of an estate.
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Streaming video
Web video is hot and our studio delivers. We shoot with our DV-cams the movie, edit the clips insert streaming video on the web.
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Flash banners/pages
Our in-house produced Flash banners are hot! A banner draws the attention and might have a click through function.
In addition we produce Flash pages.
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Animated GIF
Always nice to look at. in-house produced and very affordable.
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Form Mail
Always handy. Online queries that will be opened in your email box.
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We create content rich web pages. To refresh content regularly is the key to high rankings and more visitors. We explain how.
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Web Bible
To understand web publishing and search engine optimization we made a Web Bible in which you can read the essence of web publishing. This Bible can be downloaded for free in a PDF format from here (200kB). The topics we discuss are the following:
Intro web bible
  1. The Web
  2. Twelve Common Web Design Mistakes
  3. Download Time of a Web Site
  4. Effective Web Site Navigation Structure
  5. Define The Design of Your Web Site
  6. Ten Hints for Better Web Sites
  7. Analyze Web Site Traffic
  8. Web Site Marketing Strategies
  9. Content: The Key To Increased Web Site Traffic
  10. What Is Content?
  11. Essential Steps to Web Site Promotion
  12. Increase Search Engine Rankings
  13. Meta Tags for Search Engine Optimization
  14. Keywords to Optimize Your Site for Search Engines
  15. Market Your Web Site on a Shoe String Budget
  16. Get Your Site Listed in the Search Engines
  17. Quick Tips

For Estate Agents:
Ask for our easy to maintain, database driven, property web application
Ask for a free analysis of your web site and learn how to improve traffic. Click Here!