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Web Sites

A web site is first and foremost a marketing vehicle. Companies and organizations need to maximize its value by ensuring that people actually visit it. EyeOn not only creates high tech and advanced web sites, in addition we offer search engine optimization. We turn web sites into efficient marketing tools and sales channels and brand your corporate image at the same time.

High tech
The design languages we use like html and/or Flash, the navigation systems, content, the variety of images and animations, galleries and streaming web-video, forums, page-links, databasing and form mail etc. are properly constructed and tested in a variety of browsers and screen sizes. On request we put in place an ongoing process of adding high-quality content, which is the key to high rankings in a variety of search engines among which the top three: Google, Yahoo and MSN.

A well-balanced and designed web site that advertises quality products, with an effective organization and a business and marketing plan in place, will lead your business to the top and - more important - keep it there! Incorporating our know how will positively effect your marketing efforts. The investment made will finally pay off. Besides building traffic driven web sites as online marketing and sales tools, we can add the following clear benefits:
  • Creativeness: Hand-made, original web design tailored to reflect your distinctive corporate image.
  • Convenience: We produce in-house every detail from photography, Flash banners and image galleries to copy writing, logo design and streaming video.
  • Promptness: We deliver within the mentioned time frames.
  • Affordability: Your e-marketing break-through will not make gaps in your budget.
  • Guarantee: After designing the first page of your web site we ask for approval to continue in the same look and feel. Once online we insert during 4 weeks text-changes for free.
  • Pay off: Strengthening corporate image and improving turnover.

Have a look at our portfolio:
Client: Hansing CC, Saldanha, high-tech engineering company.
Wanted: online quality branding.
Delivered: first class photography in poster format for trade fairs, image building web site with photography, digital imaging and copy writing
Client: Ivor Lee & Associates, Saldanha (SA), Labor broker.
Wanted: Online registration of clients and temporarily personnel.
Delivered: modern look and feel (web site), house style, logo and copy writing.
Client: Fossil Park, Iziko Museum
Wanted: Targetting audience, awerness building prehistoric life and publishing scientific research.
Delivered: Design, photography, content management, image galleries and animations.
Fossil Park Website
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